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Menswear 2013: Rise of the Classically Dressed Gentleman

March 9, 2013


Last month, New York Times T magazine celebrated The Rise of the Well-Dressed Man and in their op-ed piece welcomed us all to the age of sartorial enlightenment. I agree with the premise but disagree with their assertion that Joe Namath was metrosexual avant la lettre. In fact if anything, his “wooly pecs” and “dense happy trail” categorically […]

Classic elegance beyond Savile Row: LOWET Blizen SS2013

March 3, 2013


There have been a couple of classically styled menswear outfitters coming up within the last 5 years- all beyond Savile Row. I see that as more a reflection of the Row’s revival and the return of the well dressed man- these two events have led to the rise of reinterpreted classic men’s suit haberdashers like […]

The Monsieur’s Guide to Pocket Square Matching

March 1, 2013


Pocket square matching is a minefield laden exercise to the unaccustomed- this is in part, no thanks to departmental stores like Myers and David Jones, pushing matching tie and pochette sets to mass consumers. Otherwise known as the handkerchief, this humble square of silk, cotton, linen or occasionally wool, brings panache to an otherwise simple ensemble. While […]

Lino Leluzzi is The Monsieur: See his home at Al Bazar

February 28, 2013


In case you’ve been on a secret mission sans internet in North Korea, Lino Leluzzi is one man you need to know. He defines sprezzatura. In fact, if sprezzatura was personified, it would take the form of this Italian dandy. Owner of menswear boutique Al Bazar, Lino has been photographed, tumblred and now probably pinterested […]

The Best Travel Jackets: Nanamica Field Jacket and Massif Officer Coat

December 29, 2012


My erstwhile colleague at The Rake has covered the best air travel jacket from Gieves & Hawkes before and quite obviously, while most of us don’t quite have his dosh or intend to spend that much on a coat that will take all manner of abuse during a Fellowship of the Ring-esque journey, I have found two […]

Menswear 2012: Jil Sander Fall Collection

January 18, 2012


In the aftermath of being back from Christmas Break (tons of work and emails to clear), I must apologise that I have been remiss in keeping the blog updated. This 2012, I hope to be more consistent with my posts; the goal- 1 per day; but I digress. I guess it’s somewhat fortuitous that I’ve […]

Luxe Investment: Moschino Velvet Blazer

December 5, 2011


I’ve yet to see Neal Caffrey in one but for his real life luminaries- Grant, Sinatra and Astaire (this Monsieur was buried in one),  it was de riguer attire for upstanding gentlemen. Before you allude the crassness of a velvet blazer to kings of pornographic empires, please remember that Hugh didn’t start the trend, it […]

Mad Men Style: McRitchie Cardigan Washed Shetland Camel

October 17, 2011


Everyone pays so much attention to the skinny tie, slim lapel suits on Mad Men that they fail to properly educate the wider public of dapper Monsieur’s out there to the retrolicious subtleties of living in the 1960s- what happens when career white collar professionals return to their sub-urban homes? The wife greets them with […]

Wonder Wood: Drift Eyewear

August 25, 2011


We’ve gotten to that point in men’s style that suddenly it has become socially acceptable for non optically handicapped individuals to don a pair of faux-glasses. While I hate that, I would hate equally (if not more so) if these gorgeous wood based glasses missed out on a style mention just because I didn’t want […]

Stylish Casual Wear for Mob Bosses & Hentsch Man

August 23, 2011


It’s a literary job hazard- Easy puns. I hate it sometimes but will allow this exception as my segue way into my next point. Judging from their pop up store display of subtle, elegant and immensely comfortable menswear basics – The Hentsch Man Summer 2011 collection is real easy on the eyes. While it’s true that […]


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