Alpha Male at Play: Eastie channels Steve McQueen

Posted on January 20, 2011


Obviously Eastie togs will only get you half way. Steve McQueen had a daily two-hour exercise regimen, involving weightlifting and at one point running five miles, seven days a week. McQueen also learned the martial art Tang Soo Do from ninth degree black belt Pat E. Johnson.

Taking inspiration from Eastern work wear, Himalayan pioneers combining it with a British Raj colonial aesthetic, Eastie is a Brit heritage label that updates retro iconic looks into contemporary wear.

Don’t know if wearing Eastie will turn you into Steve McQueen but the idea of stylish, wearable garments you can bring to the gym is a seductive one. Luxurious down time wear or work out sporting trousers for the gym while still maintaing that dapper look is always something to strive for or as Eastie calls it, “Getting your McQueen on.”

And they’d be right.

You can shop here.

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