The Monsieur Endorses: Krups Silver Art Collection

Posted on May 2, 2011


You know why I love IKEA? It’s because I can get everything in a set to match- cookware, dishes and even entire kitchen setups; Well quite obviously, they don’t make home appliances and thankfully there are great brands like German kitchen appliance maker Krups.

Saving discerning monsieurs from a life of mismatched kitchen appliances and giving design-loving luxury freaks a taste of the high life  with the Krups Silver Art Collection. Sure, some alpha males out there will feel that chrome is more suited to 26 inch sport rims on racing machines but this high performance kitchen set brings together high-gloss chrome and sophisticated refinement with high contrast natural wood  detailing.

Wood accent on Krups silver art electric kettle handle

Functional as it is stylish, this 5-piece set includes almost all (where’s the MICROWAVE?) the gizmos that a modern kitchen would need:

After spending some serious dosh ($80-$300 for each) on The Krups Silver Art breakfast set, you might want to get some return on investment by eating in more; or alternatively entertain a lady friend or two, making sure to show off your culinary skill and your Krups for some bone-jumping attraction. Available now on Cookworks. Because they didn’t list it as a set, it’s a real pain to navigate the site so click on the individual links above and don’t ever say I never show my readers any love.

Tip from The Monsieur: If you’re looking to save a few bucks, you can always go for polished or matt stainless steel. Just take your time going through the various brands and matching metal tones/brushed finishing for as close a match as possible.

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