Ostentation Defined: JP Morgan Palladium Card

Posted on May 13, 2011


I’m not impressed. How much of a douche do you have to be to really want a card that is literally made of Palladium? According to JP Morgan, their Palladium Card is not open to membership like AMEX Centurion card; It’s only available to clients with JP Morgan Private Banking and that means having accounts with at least $30 million.

While the JP Morgan Palladium credit card participates in the Chase Ultimate Rewards program, it’s not a big deal for ultra high net worth customers ( I don’t believe they needed nor want the points) but I do believe that the perks on the other hand are surprisingly newsworthy (vulgar display of wealth notwithstanding).

Perks of the JP Morgan Palladium Card:

  • Unlimited complimentary access at over 600 airport lounges across the globe.
  • Private Jet access: Free hour of flight time with your first 25-hour jet card Marquis Jet Perks
  • British Airways Benefits: Complimentary upgrade to first-class with each full-fare round-trip business class ticket from the U.S. to London
  • Car rental collision damage waiver
  • Emergency evac and transport
  • Macabre but they’ll pay to repatriate your body home
  • Not sure how many high net worth individuals travel without insurance but the Palladium card offers- Emergency Medical and Dental Coverage
  • Trip Delay Reimbursement
  • Baggage perks dealing with delays and lost luggage
  • Hotel Insurance in case you get burgled (but only up to $1000) which begs to question which HWNI has only $1000 worth of goods in their rooms and why are they living in such a dodgy place

Among many other perks that I feel are not really worth mentioning because even a middle class Monsieur like myself has personal insurance to cover (and in greater dollar value) everything this card offers. I am however, very pleased with the benefit of No foreign transaction fees- pretty nifty especially when you like to country hop like myself.

JP Morgan Palladium card also comes with automatic fee waiver perks which is great if not pointless because no bank would say no to a customer with at least $30 million in their accounts seriously.

Minted out of palladium and 23k gold and laser engraved with the cardholder special details; the literal value of the card is placed at over $1000 just for the palladium.

The rewards are a welcome return to the glory days of “membership having its privileges” but the ostentatious show of wealth? No thank you, true Monsieurs are a class of their own.

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