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Posted on June 15, 2011


Still on a house hunt in Melbourne (they say it’s a down market- sure, there are a few bargains but nothing that screams STEAL), I must admit that the biggest stumbling block for me is often looking for that blank canvas I can completely remake for my own. Sure, I could redecorate and strip a space bare but I don’t really after the time ergo I’ll have to be on the look out for signature pieces like those from Bottega to fill my home and distract visitors from the personal touches of an apartment’s previous owners.

Introducing Jaime Hayon and Hayon Studio

FAVN for Fritz Hansen

1. A Monsieur’s home needs a centre piece sofa

FAVN is the Danish name for embrace. This piece is the result of a creative dialogue between Jaime Hayon and Fritz Hansen. “I wanted the sofa to be based on a shell. A shell being hard on the outside, soft and welcoming on the inside. I wanted to create a form that embraces you, something really organic – that’s why we named it FAVN”. “FAVN is an evolution of Fritz Hansen’s design language that brings together the qualities of Spanish and Danish design” and it carries all the qualities for a great centre piece sofa.

Lounger for BD

2. For Reading and Your Throne- The Monsieur’s Lounger

The contrasts and sophistication which lend personality to Jaime Hayon’s work are represented in the Showtime collection which ranges from vases to chairs. Now it is completed with a new piece which will also satisfy those who have more classical tastes: The Lounger for BD- An elegant and comfortable wing chair with one-colour finishes and optional footrest.

Jaime hayon studio Bisazza Bagno luxury bathroom fittings

3. Make Daily Grooming a Pleasure with Luxury Bathroom Fittings

The collection recalls the glamour of the 1930s with a Scandinavian touch and feminine shapes. Elegance is the main trait of this innovative collection. The bathroom is the most important room in the home and it should not be hidden. With this collection of Bisazza Bagno luxury bathroom fittings, it becomes an area you want to show, a place you can keep open. The bathroom becomes a stylish room, full of charm and style, with a strong identity.

Jet Set installation for Bisazza

4. Nothing says “Focal Point” better than a Jet in Your Living Room

I jest, but it’s still an awesome installation piece. According to Jaime Hayon, “I loved the idea of having the opportunity to create a humorous and more sophisticated version of such a serious and functional object: a plane.” The Jet Set installation for Bisazza is made of fiber and silver mosaic, which gives a luxurious and surreal effect to the object. Black and white lines in the floor in Bisazza glass tiles create speed and movement. Reminiscing an old Hollywood scene, a very theatrical installation atmosphere will be created by the spotlights. A circular couch is the central element of the plane’s body. I can imagine this object flying out a couple of lovers drinking champagne to deliver energy and good vibes across their journey. Jet set is a living room plane; an art object in a fantasy installation that shows the potential use of the Bisazza materials. [Information and images via Hayon Studio]

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