Wonder Wood: Drift Eyewear

Posted on August 25, 2011


We’ve gotten to that point in men’s style that suddenly it has become socially acceptable for non optically handicapped individuals to don a pair of faux-glasses. While I hate that, I would hate equally (if not more so) if these gorgeous wood based glasses missed out on a style mention just because I didn’t want these eco-friendly spectacles to fall into the hands of the undeserving.

Drift Eyewear: Eco-sustainably sourced wood frames

Drift Eyewear Timber Spectacles

Glasses or spectacles depending on which side of the pond you’re on have been elevated beyond the utilitarian tool used by geeks and absent minded professors, instead it has become a fashion accessory par ring and bracelet. Drift Eyewear fills a gap between function and form, adding that special touch of subtle detail that only wood and leather textures can convey- a collection of handmade eyeglasses constructed from wood with an eye on functional strength as befitting a daily use instrument.

While I have seen “wood-inspired” frames before, Drift is the first I know of to actually use wood instead of shaped or moulded acetate. Beginning with an old adapted skateboard and forged into something else entirely, Founder and lead designer Chris Mantz has given eyewear a once over and created a sense of value through his fine attention to detail to what was once a style-afterthought.

I believe that what started from “prep school” chic has finally gained more prominence with “geek cred” cool- Men’s style is slowly sliding from the domain of well sculpted Adonai, you’re witnessing the revenge of the nerds. [Shop here]

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