It’s NOT called a “Jumper”: Dunhill Shawl Collar Wool Cardigan

Posted on December 28, 2011


Really weird colloquialisms abound down under- a week into our first Melbourne winter and we were scrambling around K-mart for a comforter except that they don’t call it a comforter or quilt here, it’s a freaking “dooner” and while I can’t be bothered by the entomology surrounding the word; my interest was piqued when out shopping on boxing day with the gang, Eeps mentioned he was looking for a “jumper”- long story short, we didn’t find a nice one (but I did convince him to part with $300 for a nice blazer). But you know what? I’ve found the perfect one for you Eeps-

dunhill shawl collar wool cardigan

Dunhill Shawl Collar Wool Cardigan

Additionally, if your roomie is really intent on upping his fashion game, this ribbed shawl collar wool cardigan from Dunhill will put him in the right direction. Weaved for a loose fit, I’m recommend buying a size smaller as I prefer the snug fit of wool- men’s style tip: snug (not tight) tends to flatter your body a bit better. Thrown on over V-neck tee shirt and paired with faded grey denims and those blue double monk strap shoes from Jack London, you’d be walking right off the pages of GQ. [Shop here]

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