Watches for Gents: Eddie Redmayne for Omega

Posted on July 27, 2015


Watches for Gents- Eddie Redmayne for OmegaI think it was during a return flight from Melbourne when a thumbnail flickering on the in-flight entertainment console caught my eye- it was a stark, black and white shot with a platinum blonde, the world’s most kissable lips, a recognisably well-positioned iconic mole and that siren title, “My week with Marilyn”. I came for the lady of the silver screen but remained drawn by one of the world’s most exciting young talents – who’s that kid with the “Redmayne” and why is he noshing Emma Watson? If I were in his shoes, would I choose Marilyn Monroe or would I choose Emma? Important questions all.

Eddie wears an Omega Globemaster from Baselworld 2015 for his campaign visual.

Eddie wears an Omega Globemaster from Baselworld 2015 for his campaign visual.

But perhaps, somewhere between the English Tweed blazers, his acting ability and distinguished style, I started wondering, what’s the name of the luckiest man on earth? I soon realised, it was Eddie Redmayne.


Perhaps it was “aww shucks” humility or maybe it was those piercing eyes but I was inexorably drawn to the lead and straight as I was, I soon realised, it was his genius and ability to emote with such intensity which kept me captivated. I didn’t quite care for Les Miserable (really, no one wants to watch Russell Crowe sing) but his portrayal of Stephen Hawking in the renowned bio-pic The Theory Of Everything in 2014, for which he won the Oscar, BAFTA, Golden Globe, and Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Actor was the one which started to express his true elegance and integrity.

Watches for Gents- Eddie Redmayne for Omega 3Something which few realise, are symbolic allegories for one of the most respected watch maisons on the planet. Having acquired a dis-continued Omega Seamaster Geneve back in the early aughts, it was a recent excellent service experience which called to mind the almost legendary record-keeping of Omega.

You see, the auction house had deemed my treasured timepiece complete and thus it was with that assurance that I made careful bid but to my dismay, Omega had discovered that while it was the right mechanical movement for the series, it had left the factory in a gold case rather than the steel case version that I was now in possession of.

Watches for Gents- Eddie Redmayne for Omega 5I was disappointed at first, but then, I was also very impressed with the level of detail the manufacture was able to regal me with. The mark of true heritage is after all, determined by the ability of the watchmaker to ascertain the provenance of their timepieces and Omega had performed exemplary. While it might seem a digression, I find remarkable corollary in this tale.

Many perceive Omega, through new eyes thanks to strategic business saavy. No one could have envisioned a revitalisation of James Bond in the form of Daniel Craig but Omega did. It’s this steady hand and resolute faith in both commercial and watchmaking competence which boosts accolades in the provenance of their timepieces.


I spy an Omega Aqua Terra under the shirt cuffs of Mr. Clooney.

I spy an Omega Aqua Terra under the shirt cuffs of Mr. Clooney.

More importantly, Omega picks from a retinue of leading men rich in not just style but substance. Weighing in with three Golden Globes, two Academy Awards, George Timothy Clooney, given the length of his career to Redmayne’s comparatively short one is inarguably lauded. Dapper, collected, an all round ladies’ man and noted for his political activism, Clooney has served as a United Nations Messenger of Peace and his body of humanitarian work is as admirable as his cinematic exploits.

With this sort of history in mind, I guess it’s up to Edward John David Redmayne, to live up to the expectations of such a storied brand but also the gentlemanly pursuit of enlightened stewardship of Earth and its impoverished subjects. Then again, with a superlatively companion like an Omega timepiece, he should be well equipped to shape his place in history much like his more experienced peers in the industry.

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