Movie Watch: Ryan Gosling’s Watch in Drive – Patek Philippe (sort of)

Posted on October 9, 2011


Unfortunately (or fortunately), it's not an existing Patek Philippe timepiece

I managed to catch “Drive” over the weekend and the movie was everything I expected it to be; and while many will feel that Ryan Gosling steals the show portraying the quiet smoldering stunt driver “Driver” in the movie, the real star was really on Ryan’s wrist- A Patek Philippe.

Ryan Gosling’s Watch in Drive

As with most heist movies, time plays a big role (the Driver’s 5 minute rule) and there’s no better timepiece to keep track of passing seconds than a Patek Philippe chronometer. Custom made specially for Drive, this Patek Philippe with white luminous hour, minute hands and small seconds was given a brown leather band and featured prominently in integral moments of the film (it was strapped to the steering wheel whenever he was waiting). Yes it was on sale here, sadly sold now.

I'm yours for 5 minutes. A minute on either side and you're on your own. - Driver

No word yet if this beautiful prop was actually made by the Swiss watch manufacture but Prop Master Will Blount has confirmed that the watch was only a replica and was not available in any real Patek Philippe collection, “in the book, Driver didn’t own an awful lot. One of the things he did own was this beautiful watch that he had been given by his father. So it was important that it be something memorable and iconic.”

Indeed, I will always remember his Patek Philippe.

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