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Three Easy Style Rules for Men

May 31, 2015


People will judge you, the world is ultimately a superficial place- that’s the reason why there are models, supermodels and then us, regular Janes and Joes trying to make our way into the world. You should care about what people think because one good impression lasts a long time; therefore you should care about what you wear. […]

How to Dress Stylishly

January 26, 2015


Most men don’t realise it but dressing stylishly is about fit. Looking ultra fly however, revolves around adding and matching colour and texture. The purview of this article is to provide a foundation on How to Dress Stylishly: Start with a well-fitted shirt I usually get my shirts tailored but if you’re not looking to […]

Grenson Shoes x Foot the Coacher for Mr. Porter

August 10, 2013


Grenson Shoes was one of those brands born from absolute necessity. Literally home grown (when William Green’s father passed on and he had to help his mother produce mens’ boots at home), this English heritage brand continued as a cottage industry until Green established his own craft in 1866 as William Green & Son. Not before […]

Menswear for debonair men: Check blazers and Oliver Sweeney Kilties

March 28, 2013


We all know that the well dressed man is back but what exactly makes him “well dressed”- is he perennially in top hat and coat tails? Obviously not. Dressing well is about projecting your personal sense of style and good taste rather than lumping a collection of blazers, shirts and trousers and calling it a look- It’s […]

Trendworthy: Magnanni Interchangeable Tassel Loafers

March 2, 2013


I often espouse classic style over trends but the versatility of these Magnanni interchangeable tassel loafers cannot be ignored. I don’t know why no one else has come up with the idea of loafers with buttons on the shoe upper for a quick changes of tassel but I’m glad Magnanni thought of it. After all, […]

Suit Boots: Stylish Boots for the Office

January 19, 2013


It’s been raining for the last 24 hours where I live (Singapore). Not wanting to ruin my suede slippers or loafers, I started to make a mental shortlist of stylish boots for work– Alas, I have only one pair, blue houndstooth check Timberlands- they might do the trick for monday but not for the long […]

Where Can I Find Casual yet Classically Elegant Shoes? Short Answer: Armando Cabral

February 25, 2012


Armando Cabral Spring Summer 2012 One time fashion star and now big time shoe designer, runway’s loss of portuguese model Armando Cabral is our gain. Launching his shoe collection in 2009, his are shoes meant for the urbanite- a metropolitan lifestyle espoused by Armando himself. Personally, I find his a collection of really simple yet […]