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Ride Stylishly: Brooks England B15 Swallow Select

June 7, 2011


An Anatomy of Stylish Bike Riding: Brooks England B15 Swallow Select Length: 285 mm Width: 153 mm Height: 62 mm Weight: 520 g Frame: Steel While bicycles are not often mentioned in the same breath as accomplished gentlemen (unlike say Aston Martins and Bentleys); the bicycle is still a very civil and genteel form of transportation that evokes illusions […]

Ride Stylishly: Oopsmark Bicycle Wine Rack in Leather

April 29, 2011


While my interests tend to lay towards the stylish or well designed; like any hot blooded male, I do enjoy tinkering with machines I own; The last time I wrote about a dapper addition to my bicycle, it was really a leather cuff accessory for me to use. This time, the adornment is for my […]

A Solution for Stylish Bicycle Riding

April 20, 2011


It’s been a fundamental problem of mine. I enjoy the zero-carbon footprint feel of riding past gridlocked vehicles in town on my GT mountain bike; the challenge therein is doing it while suited up because my trouser cuffs always get stained with bicycle grease from the gear train no matter how carefully I ride. The […]