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Mens Fashion Icon: David Bowie, Long Live Starman

January 12, 2016


Mens fashion icon and musical genius, David Bowie may have passed but his lyrical and aesthetic elegance lives on forever. The dandified pop culture iconoclast expressed a myriad of sartorial styles but to The Monsieur, he was arguably best dressed in the late 70s and early 80s; at least from the perspective of people not named […]

Three Easy Style Rules for Men

May 31, 2015


People will judge you, the world is ultimately a superficial place- that’s the reason why there are models, supermodels and then us, regular Janes and Joes trying to make our way into the world. You should care about what people think because one good impression lasts a long time; therefore you should care about what you wear. […]

The Best Travel Jackets: Nanamica Field Jacket and Massif Officer Coat

December 29, 2012


My erstwhile colleague at The Rake has covered the best air travel jacket from Gieves & Hawkes before and quite obviously, while most of us don’t quite have his dosh or intend to spend that much on a coat that will take all manner of abuse during a Fellowship of the Ring-esque journey, I have found two […]

Men’s Style Tip: A Menswear 2012 Visual Guide to The Perfect Fit

January 24, 2012


I don’t know what is it with most men and their dress sense- perhaps it’s a historical artifact to an age where mothers dressed their little boys in large outfits because “Junior outgrows his shirts too quickly”; perhaps it’s the male penchant to disregard form (an irony) and embrace function wholeheartedly in mistaken belief that […]

Menswear 2012: Gentlemen Looking Distinguished with Rose & Born

October 22, 2011


It’s not often that you find photo-shoots for menswear so decadently luxurious, to the sartorially inclined it’s akin to watching porn (oh the irony)- when it comes to the fine art of dressing like a gent it’s not easy for separate trendy from timeless. Thankfully, Rose & Born has taken a lot of the guesswork out […]

The Monsieur Curates: Prada Spring Summer 2012 Menswear

June 20, 2011


The Monsieur Curates: Prada Spring Summer 2012 Men’s Collection I’ve never been a fan of golf (it’s a good walk wasted) but I am loving Miuccia Prada’s take on golf apparel and it reflects majestically in her Spring Summer 2012 men’s collection. While the high trend factor tends to go against the baseline Monsieur ethos […]

Dress Like A Secret Agent: Michael Westen from Burn Notice

December 30, 2010


Well, Michael Westen is more burnt spy than secret agent but the truth of the matter is, even though he’s obviously spent a lot of time getting rated in anything that fires a bullet or holds an edge, TV land’s latest (ex)covert operative obviously has fantastic taste in designer threads. Dressing like a secret agent […]

Dolce& Gabbana Spring Summer 2011

July 18, 2010


In fine summer style, Dolce&Gabbana’s collection, unveiled in Milan, was indeed a show case in how a modern man should dress. In Natural Earthly tones (pictured below) are effortlessly chic giving you a look of easy masculinity. Natural shades like tan give you a stylish yet grounded looks. Summer Tailoring Personally, I prefer a more […]