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Design Inspiration: Oceanique Villas in Mui Ne, Vietnam

June 8, 2015


Thanks to the fine work by the interior designers at MM++ Architects, you can take interior design inspiration from this Modern Beach House in Mui Ne, Vietnam. The architects My An Pham Thi and Michael Charruault (the two Ms obviously) are versatile in their structural artistry, able to work on traditional to contemporary architecture, from high end to low […]

A life of elegance: Courtesy of The Merchant Fox

March 4, 2013


It’s true there’s been an uptick of classic English menswear coming from outside Savile Row now but we can still trust the British Isles to be home to some of the finest meccas to sartorial living and a lifestyle of elegance. This latest bastion of men’s style? The Merchant Fox. Based in South West England, […]

Travel in Style: Stay at the Heinz Julen Loft luxury chalet

March 3, 2013


In the Swiss alps lies a most spectacular luxury serviced chalet in Zermatt. It’s a huge Manhattan loft combining a mix of warm woods and industrial aesthetics. Designed by local interior maestro Heinz Julen, the Loft was the designer’s very own private home now available for bookings through Mountain Exposure. Travel in style and stay […]

Lux Design Tips for Home Improvement

June 6, 2012


As told to The Monsieur by Isabelle Glinka of Lux Design. Tips for Home Improvement 1. Don’t be afraid to step outside the box! Usually when we have lived in a space for so long, we get used to it and may miss seeing its fullest potential. 2. Having an outside opinion even from a friend […]

Luxe Investment: Herman Miller Eames Lounge and Ottoman in White Ash

September 8, 2011


Whenever it comes to big budget items a few names come to mind: Patek Philippe, Herman Miller, I could go on- But I didn’t pick both names out of a hat at random, I’m thinking long term, I’m thinking heirloom. Let me put it this way, the Eames Lounge and Ottoman have been around since the retrotastic […]

Style Your DeskTop: Retro Flipclock Screensaver

August 30, 2011


In case you haven’t been on tumblr, FFFound, Flickr or just hiding under a rock, this retro flip clock screensaver from 9031 has been making its rounds across stylish blogs on the inter webs. It’s the easiest style upgrade you can make for the low low price of FREE [Download Fliqlo here].

No Child’s Play: 11 The Beautiful Game

August 22, 2011


It’s a common affliction amongst men- this the bane of “we mature faster” women- Our games. Whether it’s the harsh running and gunning of a video game FPS (First Person Shooter) or the nostalgic recollection of boy’s toys yesteryear, women all ask one question- Will men ever grow up? The answer is yes and The […]

Something for the Bed(side): Areaware Alarm Dock

August 15, 2011


Something for the Bedside: Areaware Alarm Dock Great for a “bachelor pad” or even if you’re married; the idea is the same- Designer wares make for luxurious living. There are 3 basic rules when designing your pad: It’s your domain. YOU must feel comfortable there. A WOMAN (or your wife) should not feel uncomfortable there. No […]