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The Monsieur Reviews: The Book of the Courtier

October 4, 2012


While the less memory gifted among us might find the coterie of individuals engaged in conversation throughout the book confusing, the Book of the Courtier does well as a handbook of sorts for aspiring gentlemen. It goes beyond the Ps and Qs, it’s a way of life and a method of being. It espouses Sprezzatura, […]

The Monsieur’s Brief: Risk Intelligence And What You Need to Become a Top Notch Risk Taker

May 24, 2012


Humans are useless at assessing probabilities. But against the odds, Dylan Evanshas tracked down the handful of people who rate as geniuses on the intelligence scale he calls risk quotient.  Most people probably haven’t heard of risk intelligence. What is it? It is the ability to estimate probabilities accurately, it’s about having the right amount […]

Stylish Furnishings: Maharam on Paul Smith and Fritz Hansen

April 3, 2012


So I’ve been on a fairly long hiatus. What was it? Two weeks three? That’s because I’ve been shifting to a new apartment within eclectic suburb Prahran. Then of course, there’s the inevitable discussion on whether furniture would fit the new wood floorings of the unit. Like a well made suit, stylish furnishings nourish the […]

The Cost of Living for the Rich has Doubled Since the 90s

February 27, 2012


The rich are spending more on luxury goods these days. According to the research service MasterCard Advisors SpendingPulse, the luxury category has posted 10 consecutive months of sales increases compared with the year earlier. In July, the luxury segment had an 11.6 percent increase, the biggest monthly gain in more than a year. Luxury good […]

Dre Monster Beats It’s Not. Parrot Zik Headphones by Starck are a Class Apart.

February 26, 2012


I’m not knocking the aesthetics- the white headphones with iconic “b” logo are about fanciest looking pieces of technology since the eponymous iPod; but for a Monsieur, Dre Monster Beats tend to make one look more like a hipster than a gentlemen. Thank God for Parrot Zik Headphones by Philippe Starck. The matt black with […]

The Monsieur Plays: Monarch Playing Cards

February 20, 2012


“Like a Boss” – It’s been a running internet meme but I’ve never quite found any of the mentions appropriate until I saw this: Monarch Playing Cards. I don’t have definitive information to make this determination but based on looks alone, I’m very willing to call it- these are the finest playing cards ever made. […]

Appearances Deceive: The Best Reason to Stop and “Smell” the “Roses”

February 19, 2012


A man sat at a metro station in Washington DC and started to play the violin; it was a cold January morning. He played six Bach pieces for about 45 minutes. During that time, since it was rush hour, it was calculated that 1,100 people went through the station, most of them on their way […]

The Symbiotic Relationship Between the World Economy and Black Market

January 5, 2012


Not many people think of shantytowns, illegal street vendors, and unlicensed roadside hawkers as major economic players. But according to journalist Robert Neuwirth, that’s exactly what they’ve become. In his new book, Stealth of Nations: The Global Rise of the Informal Economy, Neuwirth points out that small, illegal, off-the-books businesses collectively account for trillions of […]

The Monsieur’s Brief: Arguments For and Against Income Inequality

December 22, 2011


The Argument Against Income Inequality Imagine four families sharing a large, jointly owned backyard area. The families would like to install a swing set, slide, etc. for their children to share. The set costs $1,200, and they need to figure out how to pay for it. One of the households is fairly well off and […]

James Franco: The Monsieur We’d All Like to Be

December 21, 2011


How could James Franco possibly be simultaneously reading for a Yale Ph.D and filming a multimillion-dollar motion picture? How could he possibly have time to write anything when he’s also teaching a class at NYU and starring so many films? I’ve wondered the same thing myself. But on that trip to Detroit, I learned a […]