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Independent Watchmaking: Speake Marin Spirit Pioneer

January 5, 2012


As the wife will attest, beyond my love for her, there will always be that special place in my heart (and holes in my wallet) for established watch maisons; but lately I’ve been finding myself in the quiet caress of the independent watchmaker. They say the wandering eye has been the downfall of many relationships […]

Movie Watch: Ryan Gosling’s Watch in Drive – Patek Philippe (sort of)

October 9, 2011


I managed to catch “Drive” over the weekend and the movie was everything I expected it to be; and while many will feel that Ryan Gosling steals the show portraying the quiet smoldering stunt driver “Driver” in the movie, the real star was really on Ryan’s wrist- A Patek Philippe. Ryan Gosling’s Watch in Drive […]

How to Buy Watches for Any Occasion

October 3, 2011


First off, I’d to apologise for my prolonged absence (travel) and begin (sort of) the week on a high note of usefulness to as many readers as possible- Many weblogs seem to only pay attention to big name marques (understandable when you need to pander to advertisers), as an honest (I’d like to think so) […]

Affordable Luxury: Tsovet SVT-AT76 Electric Blue

September 16, 2011


Affordable Luxury: Tsovet Electric Blue It’s a young watch brand and already Tsovet is making a name for themselves. Though equipped with a stock ETA 2892-2A automatic calibre, this electrifying (pun intended) beauties command a price of $2,400- Expensive for a timepiece equipped with a standard movement? Yes. But when this puppy weighs in at […]

True Affordable Luxury: Frederique Constant Maxime Manufacture Automatic

September 12, 2011


Watch commentary is never easy; the arguments on what makes a watch great value are almost as diverse as the discussions on which religion deserves to claim the title of “The One True Faith”- thankfully, unlike religion but no less fraught with extremism (extreme brand disdain- Here be Snobs), there are a few key technical […]

Forget the Car: Buy a Patek Philippe Nautilus Chronograph

September 6, 2011


I’m not often prone to flights of fancy but when it comes to Patek Philippe (especially this Nautilus Chronograph), one can dream. While Patek Philippe doesn’t exactly enjoy the mass market luxury brand recognition of Rolex, Patek is one name that not only continues to accrue in demand but when the time comes- collector value and […]

An Unlikely Partnership: Frederique Constant and Cohiba Limited Edition

September 4, 2011


For a man on a relatively tight budget, luxury watch shopping becomes a quest unto itself for discerning Monsieurs- it’s a challenge of weighing the intangible with the tangible, that curious mix of brand recognition, watchmaking heritage, classic elegance and price. While many aspirational blogs like are` geared towards a life of perceived luxury […]

An Independent Spirit: Dingemans Mechanische Horloges

July 26, 2011


It’s always been a challenge to meld classic elegance with eye catching trendiness. In all honesty, I had already begun to believe that they were on polar opposites of the design spectrum. Enter d.m.h watches. d.m.h is Dingemans Mechanische Horloges This up and coming independent watch house is founded by Fred Dingemans. The namesake watchmaker […]

Old School New Watches: Nixon SAM and Bell & Ross BR S

June 9, 2011


New Vintage Look: Nixon Sam and Bell & Ross Watches Vintage, military and aviation style watches have been all the rage. Beginning with an opening salvo of NATO strapped military Burberry watches and then culminating with Australian cult brand Nixon, it’s proof in the pudding that form follows function. Taking design cues and influences from […]

Dress Above Your Paygrade: Vintage Bulova Art Deco Watches

June 8, 2011


When it comes to shopping for a great looking luxury watch, it can be a bit of a challenge to dress above your paygrade. At, I’m often accused of supporting those “Impractical ten thousand dollar watch brands” and today, I’m here to correct that by sharing a collector’s open secret- Bulova. Suffering from a […]


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