Guide to Homage Watches: Breguet Classique Vs. Raymond Weil Maestro

Posted on January 23, 2012


Homages. They’re often a point of contention; to a watch snob- there’s a thin (mostly non existent) line between a homage watch and a cheap fake (some might be expensive but seriously, they’re all cheap copies); to others and dependent on where you fall on the watch connoisseur spectrum, you’re either a collector who appreciates the design of an out of production watch manufacture collection or someone who loves a brand but can ill afford a luxury investment. This guide isn’t a reproach and will not take a stand on the legitimacy or perceived lack thereof of a homage watch but I will say this- there are points in a man’s life where he would (and should) have bigger priorities beyond himself- let that be a guide to how much you are willing to spend.

Sherlock faces down Moriarty with a Breguet Classique 4940 on his wrist. Picture from Sherlockology.

Sherlock’s Breguet Classique 4940

The current Breguet Classique is more commonly available in gold.

I call it Sherlock’s Breguet Classique only because I’m a fan of BBC’s remake of the world’s best consulting detective (watch it- it’s a great series and Benedict Cumberbatch is simply brilliant). That said, the Ref 3910 white gold Classique worn by Sherlock can only be found pre-owned and even then it’s hard to find, probably more so now that the “richer” rabid fans of the series would be snapping them up from pawn shops and internet sites like hotcakes.

Where and what do I look for? Breguet Classique Ref 3910 No. 4940. Case diameter is 34.6mm with small seconds- it’ll be great for a dress watch even if you aren’t a genius detective. Thin by 90s standards (7mm), this mechanical manual wind beauty is a sight to behold. How much? Expect to pay $16,000. Can I wear it with jeans? Depends. Go for the ironic look and pair this silver dial Breguet Classique with a nylon NATO strap. [Shop Pre-Owned Here. Shop New Here.]

Raymond Weil Maestro 2838

Raymond Weil Maestro Small Seconds Automatic with date window at 3 o'clock

Not quite a Classique but then it’s not quite $16,000 either. The Raymond Weil Maestro features an elegant “clou de Paris” motif and instead of mechanical manual wind, this homage timepiece is automatic. Like it’s pricer cousin, the Maestro carries a distinctive air of formal elegance and though considered a homage, it’s not quite an “Apogaum” or “Defaubre” type low end replica either.

Where and what do I look for? Raymond Weil Maestro Automatic Small Seconds. It’s a little bigger and thicker than its watch manufacture cousin at 39.5mm and 9.95mm respectively; it also comes equipped with a see-through sapphire case back- no word on decorative rotor. [Shop here]

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