A Sneak Peek at the Boss Orange Watch Collection

Posted on August 30, 2010


Readers would by now be aware of my love for fine Swiss made complications and movements. That said, I do however, also appreciate well made fashion watches. Yes, it might seem blasphemous but I won’t mince words here; With the global financial crisis and struggling peers around, it seems a tad insensitive to splash huge wads of money on a timepiece.

The President of Hugo Boss Watches was sporting the BOSS Phantom Chronograph, otherwise known as HB-2001.

Haute horologerie costs an arm and a leg (and then some), great looking yet affordable timepieces allow you to indulge without breaking the bank and looking like a douche-bag.

Speaking with Xavier Gauderlot, President of Hugo Boss Watches, he concurs with my assessment.

“You’ve just spent $2,000 on a BOSS suit. I couldn’t justify asking valued clients to splurge another $5,000 on a Swiss Made timepiece.”

Xavier is under no illusion nor misplaced pride that stems from an almost 100 year old brand name, “Many Swiss watches use Chinese parts now. Hugo Boss watches are no different.”

Boss Orange's new range of sporty chronographs on nylon band

When further quizzed on the nature of watches of Chinese manufacture, Mr Gauderlot was perfectly honest, “Yes, we use Seagull movements. We also use movements from Citizen. It really depends on what we’re trying to achieve.”

During the interview for the October issue of August Man, it was hard to keep the BOSS watch fan suppressed and I let slip, “When is Hugo Boss going to do with reference numbers? It’s too damned hard to compare numbers with other fans of your watches.”

According to Xavier, LED watches would remain trendy.

When you watch the President of Hugo Boss watches smile, you know you’ve found common ground, “Yes. We’re seriously considering moving back to naming conventions and to clearly defining the collections within the BOSS family.”

Look out for the full interview in the October 2010 issue of August Man.
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