Baume and Mercier Classima Executives 2010

Posted on September 6, 2010


I’m often told that some of my luxe reviews read too positively. Truth is, if I didn’t believe in the brand values, it’s unlikely that it gets into the editorial line up. That said, for the purpose of maintaining integrity, I do prefer to disclose any ownership (always self-purchased) before a review. And yes, I love it.

My Baume and Mercier Riviera.

Baume et Mercier Classima Executives 2010, a return to understated elegance

Conspicuous luxury has given way to subtle class since the advent of the financial crisis and Baume and Mercier’s classic round watch is a return to 180 year old roots envisioned by William Baume and Paul Mercier.

The new Classima Executives XL collection to me is traditional watchmaking defined, three classic mechanical complications detailed with finishing details found in the finest haute horlogerie.

Details for Classima Executives XL Open Balance and Power Reserve (8869), Classima Executives XL Chronograph and Complete Calendar (8870)

White and silver-colored dials graced with finely guilloché-worked “grain d’orge” décor, deeply beautiful black alligator leather straps all serve to accent fine horological fundamentals like power reserve, moon phase and complete calendar functions.

Classima Executives Magnum XXL- quiet machismo

While the ‘back to roots” move is deeply welcome, the rugged virility and signature characteristics of the Hampton and Riviera lines are not forgotten. Whether in sand-blasted or PVD coated steel, Baume & Mercier’s two new chronographs with vulcanized rubber straps and profiled pushers are designed for urban adventurers.

Details for Classima Executives Magnum XXL Chronograph (8852), Classima Executives Magnum XXL Chronograph Black PVD Steel (8853)

Luxe Review

In my honest opinion, if you already own Riviera or Hampton, I’d highly recommend going for a Classima Executive. If you have yet to own any from the Baume & Mercier range, there’s no better place to start than the Magnum XXL.

It’s great value for money for either range. The Richemont group has not quite given Baume & Mercier the marketing oomph for the past few years and they’ve recently begun a revamp and push the prestige factor in for the brand. What you’re paying for now is great watchmaking traditions backed by classic ETA Valjoux workhorse movements without the subsidising advertising spend. If you must buy a watch, make it a Baume & Mercier.

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