Dress Like A Secret Agent: Michael Westen from Burn Notice

Posted on December 30, 2010


Burn Notice: The greatest thing since MacGuyver and GQ

Well, Michael Westen is more burnt spy than secret agent but the truth of the matter is, even though he’s obviously spent a lot of time getting rated in anything that fires a bullet or holds an edge, TV land’s latest (ex)covert operative obviously has fantastic taste in designer threads. Dressing like a secret agent isn’t difficult, all you got to have is a high tolerance for hot and humid climes (the anchor of the look is the blazer or suit jacket).

Head to toe: Dressing like Michael Westen

Michael Weston didn't always wear BCBG melrose sunglasses. He wore Oliver Peoples Victory Polarized Aviator Sunglasses.

It’s how you carry yourself Michael Westen is like Derek Zoolander in one aspect. His face seems to be in permanent blue steel or magnum. Obviously Michael press his lips ala Derek but one thing is for sure- there’s nothing sexier than a look of self assured confidence. It also helps if you wear BCBG Max Azria Melrose Sunglasses [via Seenon]

His suits come in cool neutrals like grey and tan Tan (light brown, almost beige) suits were carried by Prada in Spring Summer 2010- they’re a little tougher to find now. Grey suits on the other hand, are pretty common. There are two ways you can go about this. Go to a luxury boutique (if you have a spending budget like super spy Mr. Westen), go tailored or go off the rack.

Off the rack? Yes, Mr. Westen’s luxurious look is all about the right fit. You don’t have to spend over $1,000 (though it helps) for a great designer men’s suit. Off the rack suits can achieve that great designer look just by being fitted properly. Take your usual size and then go one size smaller- Wear it till the blazer jacket conforms to your body.

Used by Special Forces. It costs around $1000, you could always turn to cheaper alternatives from Luminox and Timex.

The secret starts from the watch- Chase Durer Special Forces It doesn’t have to be men’s luxury watch like James Bond’s Omega, but it should at least compliment a suit (especially when it’s peeking out during a game of Texas Holdem) and most importantly, it should be stealthy. Michael Westen wears a Chase Durer Special Forces 1000 UDT. But truth be told, I’d prefer something stealthier. Something like a Dievas Reaper.

Arm yourself- in the gym (and maybe buy a replica sidearm) Michael Westen is always lean and taut. It’s a big plus if you go for Krav Maga, Karate or Tae Kwan Do. I’d settle for fitness if you’re short on time. Being able to run 5km in 25 minutes should mean you’re fit and hopefully better suited (no pun intended) for form fitting men’s designer suits. A little saggy in the chest section and don’t want to spend a fortune on gym memberships? Try 100 push ups a day. Here’s how: do as many real form ones as you can, and then brace with your knees and do girly ones till exhaustion. You’d see the results in one month.

For replica sidearms and since many countries don’t allow pistols or make them easy to purchase, you can always get replica modded guns like Berettas and Colts from Black Tactical.

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