Men’s Luxury Watch: Piaget Emperador Coussin Tourbillon Automatic

Posted on January 10, 2011


This new timepiece in the Piaget Emperador collection is making its mark on this iconic line in the Black Tie collection thanks to a powerful design and a decidedly avant-garde character.

If thin is in, Piaget has gone absolutely anorexic (in a good way) for SIHH 2011. Setting new haute horlogerie records, Piaget’s latest luxury watch for men, the Emperador Coussin Tourbillon Automatic sets new records as the world’s thinnest tourbillon.

Weighing in at 10.44 mm, thin self-winding tourbillons like Piaget’s Emperador Coussin are extremely complicated because the oscillating weight that charges the watch mainspring when you swing your arms adds extra thickness to the movement. Piaget’s Tourbillon Ultra-Thin breaks new grounds but being almost as thin as hand wound thin watches and here’s a SIHH preview over at

How an ultra-thin automatic tourbillon is possible

By combining two of Piaget’s heritage calibres, the Piaget Calibre 600p, the world’s thinnest hand-wound tourbillon and the Calibre 1208P, the world’s thinnest self-winding movement, you get the world’s thinnest automatic tourbillon- the Piaget Calibre 1270P. This technical and aesthetic masterpiece stands only 5.55mm thick and is a testament to the horological ingenuity (and three year effort) of Manufacture de Haute Horlogerie Piaget. A true men’s luxury watch.

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