Words from The Monsieur: The Groom’s Wedding Speech

Posted on January 11, 2011


Jonathan, the Editor for Augustman.com and his personal site, TheMonsieur.com was married on 20 November 2010. Over 150 guests were attendance from across Asia and the Oceanic region.

Thanking you all for coming.

Uncle Terry, Aunty Chris, Uncle David, Aunty Aggie, Uncle Gary, Aunty Lanabelle, Aunty Valerie, Uncle Martin, Kate’s family, my mom-in-law- Janet, father-in-law Choi Boon and Uncle Albert for letting us have his beautiful daughter Rebecca as our flower girl and all the other important people without whom this wedding might not have been possible or proceeded so smoothly.

“It might have looked like I’ve forgotten to mention someone very important. Let’s just say that it all began in 1979, it’s the year my mom gave birth to me; which as it turns out, is a real turning point in my life, so THANK YOU MOM.”- Jonathan Ho, TheMonsieur.com

Seriously, if anything this crazy experience has taught me is that it’s silly to stay angry with loved ones.

Since Kate and I started this journey, we’ve had approximately 137 arguments. Some serious, mostly lame but through it all, I’ve realised that every conflict was borne out of love and good intentions; and this is key when it comes to relationships.

There are no winners in arguments, only losers. Even when one wins the debate, he or she might have lost a sliver of her partner’s heart. The key takeaway is that fighting between couples, loved ones and family is akin to scoring an own goal. I seriously doubt that anyone who genuinely loves you would want anything other than the best for you.

That said, during those 137 “debates” there were 100 separate occasions where I wanted to strangle her. But obviously I haven’t, evidently we’re here and this wedding dinner is complete with all you present. So thank you. Thank you all for being here and thank you Kate for saying “yes” to me.

Let’s party.

Thank you.

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