Stylish Bag for Men: The Formal & Casual Bulgari Men’s Travel Bag

Posted on January 12, 2011


Bulgari Men's Week-end Line from Spring Summer 2011: Travel bag in black coated canvas and calf leather

A real man’s bag should be ready for any situation like the man who carries it. Bow tie on, James Bond (Daniel Craig version please) is Mr. Smooth. Bow tie off, James Bond is ready for action or a bout of snogging, it’s the same blazer but two different looks. Get the drift?

I always enjoy a good juxtaposition of different textures and materials; Bulgari’s Week-end line serves it in the right dose. Coated black canvas with black calf leather trim, though the design gurus at the Italian luxury atelier have dubbed it a “weekend” collection for its nonchalant style, the truth is, the Week-end line is ironically fit for duty at a stylish office near you. Canvas chic yet deadly serious in black, I feel this range of men’s luxury bags are fit for that executive who believes that whether at work or play, life is an experience- canvas for that touch of whimsy and black leather trim for professionalism. Formal and casual depending on how you carry it, it’s everything I would want in a stylish work bag. Mr. Bond will agree.

Men’s Style Tip

How to wear the bag for two looks 1. Unhook the carrying strap and hold the bag by the handles if you’re going for the corporate look. Since it’s a travel bag, you might want to tuck it under a table during your meeting rather than open it on the conference table ala a regular briefcase. Strapless, there’s no chance it will ruin the shape of your blazer or jacket.

2. With the strap, and slung across a body clad with black cardigan over v-neck tee and denim, it’s a casual travel bag ready for that dirty weekend.

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