Lunch in Style: The No. 215 bag from Artifact Bag Co.

Posted on January 27, 2011


The No. 215 bag from Artifact Bag Co. is modeled on the classic brown paper lunch bag, sells for $45, and is aimed at adults who want a lunch bag that is also a stylish fashion accessory.

I have had many stylish accessories over the years but never lunch in style: Conceptually, the lunch tote is nothing new: Reusable versions of the brown paper bag have been around for several years, often insulated and made with spill-resistant material for easy cleanup.

But the lunch tote is evolving, and a few have emerged recently that seem to cater to a more discriminating sense of taste, eschewing the sometimes flimsy (and often garish) tote in favor of a more stylish, legitimate fashion accessory.

“Going green, not using a brown paper bag, is the big story, and consumers will want alternatives that are not the bright, vinyl lunch totes of yesteryear,” said Pamela Pekerman, accessory stylist and independent fashion consultant. “It’s about getting an adult-appropriate lunch tote that you can continue to reuse.”

Among them is the No. 215 tote from the Artifact Bag Co. It is made of waxed canvas, rolls down at the top like a paper bag, and fastens with leather straps and copper rivets. [via]

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