Getting Railroaded Isn’t Always a Bad Thing.

Posted on February 25, 2011


The new Hamilton RailRoad series takes the American brand right back to its proud roots, to the end of the nineteenth century

Coincidentally, someone asked me what “getting railroaded” meant. Let me put it this way, train rails are single tracks. When one gets railroaded, it means you had no other choice or path to take (usually to a negative conclusion). Sometimes getting railroaded isn’t a bad thing; especially when it comes to matters of classic elegance: The railroad pocket watch and its eventual modern day descendant in the form of Hamilton’s Railroad offering is one such example. Hamilton isn’t the most popular brand for luxury watch purists but I say the soul of the watch is really the movement and when they share pedigree heritage (ahem ETA) with high end watch houses at an affordable price- more power to the masses I say. [More commentary at]

Hamilton Railroad comes in PVD matt black as well

Affordable luxury rating: 4/5
Look great for: Great for corporate attire, business lunches and denim fridays.

Weighing in at 46 mm, I felt that it was a little on the large side but I’m a big man. The ETA Valgranges A07.211 that beats within is dwarfed by the case weighing in at only 36.60 mm.  I quite enjoy the magnifying lens on the sapphire crystal, it reminds me of my GMT Master 2. The arabic numerals are my most loved feature- it’s amongst the cleanest I have ever seen.

My only grouse are for the patterned circles in the centre of the dial; they serve no real function and together, they look like crop circles. Hamilton should have gone for clean and simple like their pocket watch.

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