Zadig & Voltaire Get Shorty, Prove Men should wear Shorts

Posted on March 21, 2011


Look 12 from Zadig & Voltaire SS 2011- Cardigan with mandarin collar shirts and boots

It’s a persistent little social more, the idea that only boys wear shorts. Truth be told, I avoided shorts myself till recently when French designer Thierry Gillier, former Yves Saint Laurent auteur launched Zadig & Voltaire’s Spring Summer 2011 collection. Should shorts be kept firmly in the realm of casual wear? Yes. The sartorial bar can be set rather high for men attempting to pull off the shorts and blazer combination without looking like a boy out of boarding school. Can men where shorts without looking like boys? Yes – but pay careful attention to Zadig & Voltaire and follow these shorts wearing tips.

How Grown Men wear Shorts

  1. Don’t fill your pockets Bulging pockets break the shape and silhouette of your lower torso and saggy shorts are a rather unflattering look.
  2. Avoid cargo shorts Why? Look at rule number 1.
  3. Go for slim cut straight shorts. The hems should never touch your knee.
  4. Three-Quarter “pants” are for hobbits. They are not to be worn by gentlemen above the age of five.
  5. Approved footwear for shorts: Flip flops and slippers are for the beach and worn with board shorts. Boat shoes and loafers worn sockless are de riguer in this combination. If you wear boots, make sure you shine them to avoid looking sloppy.
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