A Solution for Stylish Bicycle Riding

Posted on April 20, 2011


It’s been a fundamental problem of mine. I enjoy the zero-carbon footprint feel of riding past gridlocked vehicles in town on my GT mountain bike; the challenge therein is doing it while suited up because my trouser cuffs always get stained with bicycle grease from the gear train no matter how carefully I ride.

The solution for bicycle riding stain-free? Brooks Honey Trouser Strap.

Brooks England is steeped in history, a prestige brand that boasts almost 150 years of tradition and expertise. Brooks have been producing the finest handmade ‘Saddles, Bags Etc.’ in England since 1866, a must for the more refined cyclist. The Brooks Trouser Strap is a broad leather band that wraps comfortably around your trousers to keep them clear of the chain. Spring loaded to snap naturally into place.

  • Leather Trouser Strap
  • Snap Action
  • Presentation Box
  • Made in England

The best part? 20% off your non-EU residents.

If you can’t spare the dough, you could enjoy another sartorially inclined alternative- shin high cuffs- a daring maneuver and I’m not even talking about the dangers of machine oil on khaki.

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