What Do Angels Wear? Apparently Brooks Brothers

Posted on April 22, 2011


This post has been a long time coming but I only just caught the movie “Adjustment Bureau” and I was pleasantly surprised by the visual feast before me (and I’m not talking about Emily Blunt though admittedly, she’s more fetching than ever). I am talking about the Case Workers Angels and their keen sartorial instincts. I am talking about the collection of Brooks Brothers suits, ties and belts.

What Do Angels Wear? Apparently Brooks Brothers

John Slattery looking like he stepped off the set of Mad Men and into Matt Damon’s latest movie is without doubt looking every bit debonair he usually does. But while he and his striking white mane are usually the focus of female attention, it’s Anthony Mackie, far removed from Hurt Locker and proving more versatile than I ever imagined; who steals the movie with his emotive range and wardrobe.

Anthony Mackie has the benefit of the snappiest costume changes throughout the entire movie. He's featured here in green Brooks Brothers' raincoat with brown buttons.

Angels are classically elegant and in nice departure from de rigueur toga robes, have now become fedora-wearing paradigms of The Monsieur. Recreating the look is about as simple as heading to your closest Brooks Brothers boutique or surfing to their e-tailing shop here. What you want to go for are simple, non-flashy stripes for shirts.

Two on left: Pure cotton broadcloth made with pucker-free seams and specially treated to remain virtually wrinkle-free. Forward point collar. Signature shirring at barrel cuffs. Center back pleat. Left chest pocket. Right: Pure Egyptian cotton woven in Italy. English collar and signature shirring at French cuffs. French placket and chevron split-back yoke. Single-needle tailoring. Superdurable cross-stithed buttons.

Serious professionals, Angels seem to dress only in dark coloured suits and what I dub “Bureau Grey”- good news, Brooks Brothers has a wide range from the luxurious (and expensive) 1818 to Golden Fleece collections. Though many of the Bureau staff don’t wear 3 piece, Anthony Mackie’s character- Harry does dress in a facsimile of a three piece by donning a cotton Brooks Brothers Two-tone cardigan over his shirts.

Left: Hand-tailored in elegant Italian wool. Distiguished by impeccable workmanship and near bespoke details. Three-button, center vent with pickstitch. Centre: Harry in two tone cardigan. Right: Made of Italian wool from Barberis. Hacking pockets, Two-button, side vents.

Ccostume designer of the Matt Damon/Emily Blunt sci-fi romance thriller “The Adjustment Bureau,”(which opened this past Friday) Kasia Walicka Maimone spoke to the Los Angeles Times recently and gave a pretty interesting Q&A about the retro-tinged contemporary look of the well-dressed, fedora-wearing mystery men who “adjust” Matt Damon’s life and more importantly, their choice of hats.

I’m still wondering if I should do a hat story but I’m holding off since I’m on a hat hunt myself (and it has absolutely nothing to do with the movie); just a flirtation with all things Sinatra, one of my favourite style icons.

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