Travel Stylishly: Luxurious Passport Holders

Posted on April 24, 2011


Had recently returned from adventures across 4 East European nations and I reached an epiphany. No, not about the vastly different quality of life or inspirational architectural and artistic sensibilities of their European heritage; No, the epiphany began right at Airport security- Ridiculous at both Czech Republic and Singapore ends (Stop over in Dubai if you want to save 50% on airfare); If you want to travel stylishly, be prepared to be inconvenienced.

Wearing a bespoke suit? Security will stop you and rife through your belongings to make sure you aren’t some money laundering smuggler. Hermes Belt? Luxury watch? It sets off the metal detector. “Remove them and place them in the tray, sir..”– time to start worrying if you will still get your belongings back at that point because apparently there are pickpocketing cartels that sandwich well dressed travellers in order to pocket their belongings. Hugo Boss ankle boots? “In the tray sir..” – Well, thanks a lot Bin Laden.

But you know what? I refuse to give up. Time to invest in some luxurious travel essentials that will age well.

Travel Stylishly: Luxurious Passport Holders


Brown lizard Lanvin passport holder with a large slot for documents and five smaller slots for cards. Fully lined in smooth leather, this piece will age easily for a handsome vintage look.


Black crocodile-effect leather Mulberry passport holder with two internal sleeves, designed to hold any passport size. Lightweight and durable – an international travel essential.

Faux or no, I’ve always had a thing for Croc skin. My vote goes for Mulberry in terms of the look to value ratio (it’s £70 chrissakes) but nevertheless, Lanvin’s genuine lizard skin is a REAL investment, I expect it to age well. Both available at Mr Porter while stocks last.

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