Luxe for Less: Timex Men’s Perpetual Calendar

Posted on May 5, 2011


Don’t ever say that I only flog expensive, bank breaking gear; Here’s some Luxe for Less even though I normally eschew quartz watches (not because I’m a snob but because I’ve fallen in love with the sweeping seconds of an automatic). That said, this is one quartz perpetual calendar you should pay attention to. TX, is a high end Timex; to some out there, a high end Timex is somewhat of a misnomer, but that’s not true with TX. TX comes from the same premium Timex facility that makes other timepieces for other brands like Nautica and Marc Ecko.

The TX Perpetual Calendar is just GORGEOUS. A striking blend of style and substance, TX Time Instruments represent the unification of precise instrumentation and pure aesthetic form. TX Time Instruments contain four motors, operating independently of each other. One of these drives the hour, minute and second hands. The rest drives the date and perpetual calendar functions. In short, the perfect example why you don’t need money to dress above your paygrade.

The new TX Perpetual Weekly Calendar watch displays an accurate day and date, shown in full “week at a glance” format with a 4th hand that designates the month. Here’s the bad news: Rumour has it that Timex has the TX line discontinued, thus the 50% off fire sale, get them while you still can at Amazon and here.

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