The Monsieur: All Tied Up

Posted on May 13, 2011


Yes, I was a bit tied up over the last two days (Mother’s in town and planning an international move is serious business); Yet somehow, between pumping iron and entertaining the dowager I did manage to get in a spot of shopping.  My stylish find of the day? Harris Tweed Neck Ties.

I’ve worked for companies stricter (read: more formal) on the dress code but I’ve found neck ties a great way to express personal flair without attracting an internal memo from HR. Fellow Monsieurs (Mademoiselle, if you’re shopping for a boyfriend) I present to you my style tip of the week- invest in neck ties, especially when they’re well made Harris Tweed Neck Ties.

Made in collaboration with Sson, Harris Tweed Ties are rather trendy and though this is divergent from my “classic elegance” ethos; I’m ready to make an exception. Available in both conventional and unconventional colours, this limited run measures 160cm long and 5cm at its widest. In short: skinny. For Harris Tweed, it’s all about fabric and texture. The combination of style and colour does the rest. Harris Tweed with Sson Neck Ties are available at 3939 Shop London online and cost £58.00. Well worth it.

That said, I’ve mentioned before that it doesn’t take serious coin to dress above your pay grade and truthfully, I impulse bought a few Harris Tweed neck ties of my own for half that at Topman. Catch these wool spun ties fast, they’re bound to fly off the racks.

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