Dress Above Your Paygrade: Ben Sherman Savile Row

Posted on May 19, 2011


It’s been a common misunderstanding that great style went hand in hand with great budgets (Yes, sometimes it does. You’re paying for the premium of being one designer inspiration ahead of fashion trends) but thankfully, when it comes to men’s styles- the key term you’re looking for is; repeat after me, “Classic Elegance”.

There’s a reason that we men still admire our style icons- Cary Grant, Frank Sinatra and Robert Redford (too many to mention), the fact is beyond their gilded lifestyles, they didn’t dress like trend following zombies, they dressed like real men monsieurs: Polished shoes, cufflinks, collared shirt and the Pièce de résistance- well cut suit.

For over 200 years, a stretch in Mayfair Central London has been dressing an increasingly sophisticated gentry in the best tailored traditions and while none of the original tailoring houses exist, many more have sprung up to meet the challenge and heritage of suiting discerning monsieurs up; Among them, Ben Sherman.

On the brand radar, Ben Sherman is well known for their ready made shirts and men’s suits and thus it was only fitting that this high street brand kicks it up a notch by being the first high street label to make it to London’s prestigious Savile Row. Showcasing premium collection of ready-to-wear tailoring and accessories, Ben Sherman Savile Row is every monsieur’s answer on how to dress above your paygrade.

Know Your Ben Sherman Savile Row Suits

Two cuts form the foundation for the Ben Sherman Savile Row aesthetic- the Kings and Camden fit. The Ben Sherman Camden is a modern day slim line, clean cut and sharp suit: Narrow lapels, slim pockets and low breaking front pockets while the Kings cut is for stockier gents.

Camden Fit: Super slim silhouette offered in seven ready to wear fabric options including Prince of Wales check as well as Dogtooth. With refinement and attention to detail as a key attribute of luxury, fans of Ben Sherman will find that they will not be disappointed, elegant vintage inspired linings featuring english roses, paisley and flock prints in deap red, teal, black and navy greet you on the inside.

corozo nut buttons

Kings Fit: For you gym junkies or for those searching for a look less severe (read: Less James Bond and more Gambino from Sopranos), this cut is perfect for you. All suiting is made with Corozo nut buttons and luxury Italian fabrics. More importantly, available in 100% wools, super 100s and wool mohair.

All Ben Sherman Savile Row Men’s Suits are available in Ready to wear and Made to Measure options retailing from $500 and up; perfect for dressing above your paygrade.

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