Travel in Style with Bottega Veneta

Posted on May 30, 2011


I highly recommend long distance travel in loafers and moccasins. Why? Two reasons: Easy to slip off when TSA officials want to check for shoe bombs and they are freakishly comfortable.

I’ve previously written about what a hassle it is to travel stylishly (thanks again Bin Laden- No virgins for you); anyhoo, Bottega Veneta has a great line up of stylish travel accoutrements that would help accentuate your outfit and keep your toiletries and assorted knick knacks organised while you globe trot. Whether it’s the Bottega Marcapunto light calf duffel to the “ooooh so gorgeous” Spinnaker Garment bag for your crease-free suits that’s also great for travelling light, Bottega is simply one of the best ways to travel in style effortless.

The Monsieur Recommends Bottega for Stylish Traveling

Airport officials are a little antsy these days and when it comes to body (and gulp! cavity) searches, it doesn’t get any crazier when business travelers like myself get harassed on an almost monthly basis. My most recommended pick here is the Bottega Intrecciato calf shoe (pictured above in a variety of shades) for some many reasons, namely: Comfort, style and the effortless head-turning factor. Even with a suit, its dressy look tends to disguise its casual playboy nature although I wouldn’t recommend it for serious business meetings. The Bottega Nappa eye mask and Marcopolo luggage is just for showing off and I would get those just for the heck of it (and to get a rise out of follow passengers)- I jest. Maybe not. 🙂

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