Ride Stylishly: Brooks England B15 Swallow Select

Posted on June 7, 2011


An Anatomy of Stylish Bike Riding: Brooks England B15 Swallow Select

Length: 285 mm Width: 153 mm Height: 62 mm Weight: 520 g Frame: Steel

While bicycles are not often mentioned in the same breath as accomplished gentlemen (unlike say Aston Martins and Bentleys); the bicycle is still a very civil and genteel form of transportation that evokes illusions of the English dapper gent, peddling across the English countryside. The Monsieur loves riding stylishly and in the same vein as the wine saddle or riding cuff, I present to you this Brooks England masterpiece of stylish bike riding.

The Brooks England B15 Swallow is a faithful reproduction of a saddle specifically conceived with the sporting cyclist in mind, the result being a timeless design widely regarded as the precursor of all modern racing saddles. This saddle was originally patented as long ago as 1937. At that time a great many such Brooks Saddles were exported to the continent, where they were very popular amongst professional cyclists competing in the various tours and stage races. Today’s Swallow still proudly bears the original patent declaration on the tensioning plate beneath the svelte leather upper. This text retains the word “deposé”, the patent application for the Swallow having initially been registered in the Paris patent office.

This version of the B15 Swallow is made with our extra tough, organic leather for high mileage cyclists. It also features our hand hammered copper rivets. Made in England. Little wonder, bravo! Available here.


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