The Monsieur at Home with Bottega Veneta

Posted on June 10, 2011


Bottega Veneta book ends

Interior Design with Bottega Veneta Furnishings and Fittings

It’s never easy to buy a home and furnishing it is an even tougher proposition. Sure, you can head to IKEA for ideas but when it comes down to truly outstanding signature and anchor home decor pieces, not many people do it as well as Bottega Veneta. Right from the go, Bottega’s woven leather motif has been turning heads with their men’s leather accessories even before they started entering the homewares market. Today, there’s a whole range of Bottega Veneta interior furnishings and fittings. Decorate your home with Bottega Veneta, it takes the work out out interior decorating with true class and style- Heck Bottega even has something for your trophy dog.

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