Gitman Vintage Donnegal Tie Vs. Topman Knit Tie

Posted on July 11, 2011


Knitted Tie from Gitman

The internet has not yet been installed in my new apartment (thus the lack of posts) and Australia being the chillax-ed nation that it is, I’ll only be getting my ADSL2+ set up on Wednesday (fingers crossed and barring additional unforeseen delays). That said, I’ve been thinking about you guys (Yes, I miss my readers) and more importantly, I miss dishing out wallet saving style tips.

Here’s a quick style tip: Embrace the knitted tie. Unless you’re a corporate banker, a dark knit tie is an acceptable piece of sartorial peacockry when the rest of you is suited in a serious business suit. That, your pocket square and watch are the few bastions of exuding your impeccable fashion sense when working at companies with stricter dresscodes. Which brings me to my next point- You don’t have to spend that $120 on a well made knit tie; especially when High Street retailers like Topman have online retail stores.

Dress Above Your Paygrade: Gitman Vintage Donnegal Tie

Gitman Vintage Donnegal Tie

Woven from marled wool mix by one of the most celebrated names in American clothing, Gitman Bros, their Gitman Vintage deal in archive cuts and fabrics that reflect the brand’s rich history. This Donnegal tie is made from premium marled wool-mix fabric from the Gitman archive, to give a truly authentic look and feel. Made in the USA and available in regular width double sided pattern, this beauty costs $120 and is available here.

Topman Knit Tie

Topman knit tie

Alternatively, you could spend less than $30 and pick up the exact (well, not really, this is a slim tie) knit tie from Topman. Thus saving you dosh for that all important ‘big boy’s luxury watch‘. Like I always say, Monsieurs invest wisely and this is certainly a great way to dress above your paygrade.

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