Who’s the Boss? Definitely Still Hugo Boss

Posted on July 25, 2011


Some months ago, I wrote a piece about Hugo Boss and implied that because they didn’t make working sleeves anymore they were bad suits; What I wasn’t prepared for were the flaming troll siege that was about to befall me- the truth of the matter is, Hugo Boss was (quite possibly still is) the backbone for many a young up and comer and cutting corner on working sleeves was a cop out. Fanboy-hood is a tough thing to manage but between you and me, I’m glad that Hugo Boss is finally reclaiming the mantle that was once fast disappearing to only select savile row and other high end suit designers.

Hugo Boss Selection Tailored Line

The mens suits from Hugo Boss Selection are a class unto itself. This line of tailored suits is the culmination of over 50 years of sartorial tradition (with beginnings during Nazi Germany unfortunately) and a reflection that mass production does not necessarily mean low quality- Each suit is crafted using time tested skills chronicled at my rules to buy a damn good suit; From using classic full-canvas techniques to camel and horsehair interlinings that lend the unique strict cut and hallmark body-hugging silhouette of Hugo Boss; the Tailored Line from Hugo Boss Selection is now available for bespoke work by appointment available here. Finally, a menswear designer that can get you close to Zegna without the arm-stripping Zegna price tag; for everything else- there’s Ben Sherman Savile Row.

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