Something Good Out of China: Ascot Chang F/W 2011

Posted on August 17, 2011


Ascot Chang Fall Winter 2011

Fake eggs. Fake rice. REAL damn style. Finally, something good comes out of China (technically Hong Kong. Also shut up if you’re thinking, “what about iPhones that come from Foxconn China?”). If you’re ever hunting for good tailors in the Far East, there are many good ones in Singapore but one of the best tailors are in Hong Kong.

Starting from one shop on Hong Kong’s Kimberley Road, Ascot Chang is proof positive that “Made in China” (dammit Hong Kong is part of China) is nothing to scoff at; Gorgeously bespoke since 1953, this adventerous tailor has spanned Hong Kong, the US, Philippines and now, China. The 14 branch outfit has since ventured into suit making but the core of its business sticks to its traditional roots- bespoke shirts.

Ironically, Ascot Chang is better known in Manhattan than its East Asian birth city but if their Fall Winter 2011 collection is anything to go by, I believe it’s only a matter of time before theirs is a marquee and classically elegant sartorial armory that will soon grace lifestyle magazine covers everywhere.

Something Good Out of China: Ascot Chang F/W 2011

Bespoke prices start from USD115.

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