No Child’s Play: 11 The Beautiful Game

Posted on August 22, 2011


11 The Beautiful Game. Luxury Foosball for men with distinguished tastes.

It’s a common affliction amongst men- this the bane of “we mature faster” women- Our games. Whether it’s the harsh running and gunning of a video game FPS (First Person Shooter) or the nostalgic recollection of boy’s toys yesteryear, women all ask one question- Will men ever grow up? The answer is yes and The Monsieur found it.

No Child’s Play: 11 The Beautiful Game

Consider it table soccer for grown men, this luxury foosball is both fantastic fun and retro-designer furniture in one. Built for gentlemen and Momsieurs alike, 11 The Beautiful Game bears elegant curves which her designers claim reflect “grandeur of modern stadiums” but I feel hers is more like the feminine form we all know and love.

11 The Beautiful Game at Louis Vuitton boutique

First unveiled at the Milan Furniture Fair in 2008 to much critical acclaim and built with a flair for the theatrical, 11 The Beautiful Game not only seduces with its metal chrome and black surfaces but also charms with its atmospheric lighting recreating the high drama (probably higher) of top (think Man U versus Arsenal) soccer encounters. Elegant enough for a boutique and luxurious enough for Louis Vuitton, each extremely exclusive (limited edition run)  table is numbered and hand-finished by European craftsmen, 11 The Beautiful Game is no child’s play. If it’s good enough for Louis Vuitton, it’s definitely good enough for your walk in closet. Each takes 12 weeks to hand produce and prices start from 48,500 euros for the Classic Black and White version. [Order here]

11 The Beautiful Game from GRO design on Vimeo.

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