An Easy Choice: Hard Graft Leather Bags & Felt iPad Cases

Posted on August 29, 2011


One of the best things about living in the modern age is all the wonderful technology; the only better than that? Loads of opportunity to dress up your favourite high tech gadgets with designer sleeves and cases: Enter Hard Graft.

Debuting in 2007, these “working class ex-advertising heroes” – admittedly without an iota of business acumen founded a brand that developed a cult following with their innovative bags and iPad cases handmade from natural materials; within a week, they had found their tipping point (a great book by Malcom Gladwell by the way) and since entered the cultural zeitgeist.

Hard Graft Leather Bags & Felt iPad Cases

Hard Graft All in One Grey Macbook Folio

Designed slim but functionally expandable to hold laptop plus books (and then some)- this attractive folio isn’t built just for MacBooks but personally, I would find it incredibly sacrilegious for it to hold anything else but an Apple.

Hard Graft Tilt Heritage Felt iPad case rolls up and acts as an iPad stand

(Left) Hard Graft XII felt iPad Sleeve (Right) Leather Heritage iPad Sleeve

Embodying the less is more ethos, Hard Graft’s X Series takes simplicity and multiplies it with detail giving the owner and his iPad style gravitas enough to stand out from the herd. The Leather Heritage iPad case on the other hand is a retrotastic combination tradition- supple leather lined with British wool; relaxed yet classically elegant.

Hard Graft 3 Fold Multi-use Holdall Bag

Foldable, convertible, versatile for laptop bag and overnight stay duties (check out gallery for more details)- this 3FOLD multi-use holdall is a stunningly well designed, rivet reinforced bag is not only immensely useful but bears the touch of traditional Italian artisans- a little pricey but worth every cent.

Hard Graft Heritage Bill Fold

Made from one cleverly cut piece of leather it fits six credit cards (more once it’s worn it in a bit) and all your banknotes without being at all bulky- It’s the ultimate slim wallet. [Shop here]

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