Porsche 550 Replica by RetroMade Spyder

Posted on September 9, 2011


It’s sheer coincidence that I’m covering two legendary icons from the 1950s back to back but It’s not coincidence that many icons like this awesome Porsche 550 Spyder Roadster were conceived in the roaring 50s and 60s. Inspired by the curves of the original and augmented by modern technologies- all new tweaked drivetrain, suspension plus 245 horsepower under the hood, the Spyder by RetroMade is as close as it gets to owning the classic without having to pay an arm, a leg and using an organ as collateral.

RetroMade Spyder Car Kit

Porsche 550 Car Kit: RetroMade Spyder

Essentially a car kit that mounts on VW Beetles or Pontiac Feiro frame, what you get is the body, engine option and interior ; and depending on your engine-  132 hp and 245 hp with the Subaru Boxer option- true to original Porsche 550 power. From what I understand, because the 550 Car kit is relatively light, the 1.7L Alfa 33 engine provides just enough grunt with 132 horsepower that makes it move like a race car (albeit a vintage one).

Admittedly I haven’t had the chance to drive one but from what I understand, if you’re fitting the RetroMade Spyder kit on a Pontiac Fero chassis, the mid engine layout has pretty good handling characteristics. Customisable, the Spyder is available in standard and wide body with a variety of wheel, rim and steering wheel options; and though the RetroMade Spyder comes in a color of your choice (inside and out), I suggest: Vintage Metal Grey. [Shop here]

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