Mad Men Style: McRitchie Cardigan Washed Shetland Camel

Posted on October 17, 2011


Everyone pays so much attention to the skinny tie, slim lapel suits on Mad Men that they fail to properly educate the wider public of dapper Monsieur’s out there to the retrolicious subtleties of living in the 1960s- what happens when career white collar professionals return to their sub-urban homes? The wife greets them with a pipe, a whiskey on rocks and their washed shetland camel cardigan.

McRitchie Cardigan Washed Shetland Camel

True Mad Men Style isn’t just about the suit, it’s also about what happens after- it’s the raison de’tre that Hugh Hefner so astutely discerned when he introduced Playboy and the smoking jacket- the 60s were all about lifestyle. This is Shetlands – Italian collaboration has given birth to a gem- McRitchie cardigan; washed, so it has a retro old look incidentally enjoys softer textures versus regular wool. Sure, it looks like something dad owned, but with the wife no longer (at least not often) making dinner and serving you whiskey, it’s a symbolic slice of the good (arguably) chauvinist days [Shop here]

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