Blackbird Black Ties for When You Want to Attend But Not Wear One

Posted on December 23, 2011


Convoluted header I know but it’s Christmas eve and I’m in “Holy shit I’ve to spend 2 days with my mother” mode (Thank God she’s working on boxing day).

I happen to have given this black tie thing a lot of thought because for the Christmas eve dinner, I am really not intending on getting my Bond on (tux and trimmings)- I’m thinking black velvet pants, peaked label single breasted blazer with one of these bad boys-

Black(ish) Ties from Blackbird

Blackbird Black Ties

They’re all slim ties (not skinny; at least not in my book) and thus great to cut a slim figure look. From left to right-

  • Kind of Blue Tie: Navy blue polka dot cotton tie. A great way to add playfullness to your sophisticated look
  • Hellen’s Ashes Tie: Wool tie in charcoal features small nubs of white and a smooth texture. Wear this with any color shirt and add contrast to your look by pairing it with other rich textured materials.
  • Cotton Black Green Check Tie: It’s in the name.

The Monsieur’s Note: While all of these ties are technically not black tie, the various hues of black or close to black will suffice, it’s one of those fashion rules that can be broken- provided you’re not attending a funeral or an occasion of real formality- use your judgement. [Shop here]

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