Men’s Style Tip: Accent Shoes – Opening Ceremony M1 Desert Suede Boots

Posted on February 6, 2012


Opening Ceremony M1 Suede Desert Boots

It wasn’t too long ago that I was offering some quick tips on How to Wear Colour and today for those still hesitant about jumping into the colour spectrum, here’s a little style tip for you to at least dip your feet (pardon the pun) into the rainbow- try on a pair of accent shoes to liven up an otherwise run of the mill suit.

Liven Up Your Style with Orange-Brown Boots

These Opening Ceremony M1 Desert Suede Boots are an awesome way to throw on a splash of colour without giving first time fashionistas an asthmatic fit. Beautiful orange-brown desert boots with full leather construction, remember to follow the colour spectrum- best matched with navy outfits but it also works with black. [Shop here]

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