The Monsieur Reviews: The Book of the Courtier

Posted on October 4, 2012


While the less memory gifted among us might find the coterie of individuals engaged in conversation throughout the book confusing, the Book of the Courtier does well as a handbook of sorts for aspiring gentlemen.

It goes beyond the Ps and Qs, it’s a way of life and a method of being. It espouses Sprezzatura, an art which proposes that as men, we should conceal our gifts and abilities with practiced nonchalance- I would go so far as to call it the “casually” bedswept hair of the renaissance era.

The book tends to overindulge and flesh out each of the characters involved, but you really find the meat of the text in the conversational arguments between each protagonist; Each builds the case and attributes that form and create the perfect courtier- that of a man comfortable amongst kings and princes, while respectful to those “beneath his class” (ironic I know).

If you are interested in being above office politics, this might be the best book for you to “play the game” yet remain above it. [Shop for The Book of The Courtier on Amazon]

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