Seen on The Rake: Globe-Trotter for James Bond

Posted on October 29, 2012


James Bond Globe-Trotter briefcaseJames Bond’s Globe-Trotter suitcase

Now that James Bond: Skyfall has premiered, Bond fever is definitely in full swing and meeting a confluence of end-of-year travel dreams. I’ve often attempted to balance my freakishly anal need for matching luggage and the practicality (in terms of theft avoidance) when it comes to designer suitcases but therein lies the headache: Louis Vuitton luggage while immensely beautiful are a little to high profile and thus attractive to the light fingered; Globe-Trotter bespoke suitcases on the other hand are perfectly nondescript whilst being immaculately designed that I find it serves my needs in addition to Mr. Bond’s needs completely. [via The Rake]

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