Men’s Accessories Fall Winter 2013-14: Barrett Alley & Persol

Posted on August 14, 2013


Barrett Alley Black shell cordovan Disciple Wallet 2

Keep Pockets slim with the Disciple Wallet

The Disciple Wallet from Barrett Alley is the latest card holder on the war front against fat wallets. While mass produced slim wallets from Bellroy are quite laudable (do check them out), nothing beats the time-tested traditions (and luxuriousness) of handcrafted leather. Shipping with a lifetime guarantee, the Disciple Wallet is less wallet and more “envelope-design” leather card holder- don’t get me wrong though, a lot of the bulk comes from intervening layers of leather between each credit card slot and that all adds up to a lot of bulk. This wallet from Barrett Alley forces you (in a good way) to be more conscious of how you sort your cards, which cards to carry and how you fold your cash.

Barrett Alley Black shell cordovan Disciple Wallet 1Each constructed from a single piece of hand cut black shell cordovan, the USD175 cost is well worth its price in value as Horween (it’s only Horween if it’s made in Horween, Chicago) shell cordovan, having been made from the subcutaneous layer of horse hindquarters, ages especially well as shell cordovan is a hot stuff leather never needing oil or wax as normal use keeps it conditioned. That said, while I’m ALL FOR natural oils being absorbed, I tend to prefer a little less wince inducing bi-monthly application of mink oil would keep your wallet suitably soft, durable whilst retaining a nice lustre. Needless to say, the suppleness of a handcrafted cordovan wallet means it would soon shape itself to your use habits (are you a rear, front or suit pocket holder) while retaining its original shape. 

This wallet holds about 7-8 credit cards, or a combination of cards and folded cash. Each wallet is uniquely numbered and ships gift-wrapped with handmade card. 95 mm x 65 mm. [Shop Barrett Alley]

His classic Persol shades.

His classic Persol shades.

Look Cool with Persol Thomas Crown Edition

Earlier this year during a fit of retro-nostalgia, I re-watched the original Thomas Crown Affair, cementing my own belief that it’s the most stylish movie ever made. More importantly, Persol’s tortoise shell blue lens sunglasses have been something I’ve been trying to hunt down for the last two decades. Finally, high end optical webstore Eyegoodies has released a limited edition pair of customised Persol sunglasses like the ones Steve McQueen wore in the 1968 Thomas Crown Affair. Indeed, these Persol 714 folding sunglasses use blue tint Essilor optical lenses giving it the same swagger we’ve come to identify McQueen with. Available for 714 AND 649 models, this is not a standard Persol model. This model contains Eyegoodies exclusive custom tinted lenses made using their specially formulated and mixed blue. The Thomas Crown edition costs $389. [Shop Eyegoodies Persol]

persol thomas crown edition 1

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