TRIM Saffiano and the Joy of Very Slim Wallets

Posted on October 21, 2014


TRIM Saffiano Wallet 2For the last two months, I’ve eschewed my regular wallet for a card holder and I must say that from a philosophical and style standpoint, the benefits have been immense.

The Joys of a Slim Wallet

  • It really forces you to decide what cards you really need
  • You get to save on credit card annual fees for those cards you don’t really use
  • You figure out what memberships you actually use the most
  • A chance to cancel the ones that you don’t and save a ton of money on fees again
  • Style bonus: slim card holders fit anywhere including skinny jeans

TRIM Saffiano Wallet 3I’m currently using a bespoke snakeskin 6 card holder but I’ve been on a look out for a new one and the navy TRIM Saffiano wallet caught my eye. Sure, it’s extremely pared down with three utility compartments; two for cards and one cash slot but it would make a great, almost life changing accessory with the potential to really reduce your personal contents to the bare essentials – the one credit card with great points, a form of identification and of course, cash. If you’re totally connected and a child of the future, you can turn out the cash and use the vertical slot for up to 10 secondary cards. It’s the one wallet you can go everywhere with and not worry about a pickpocket spotting your “bulge” from a thousand yards.

Designed by Steven Elliot, an undergraduate at UCLA and his slim card holder combines the practicality and utility of compact everyday carry and the sophistication of high grade saffiano leather which, thanks to the grain, is scratch and stain resistant. The TRIM wallet utilises a heavier hide and threading which would enthuse leather aficionados. The edges are hand oil-coated which means the product would survive heavy wear for a good number of years. Best of all, it’s only USD25.


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