How You Can Add Panache to Your Everyday Carry

Posted on January 10, 2015


Much like putting together a well-designed collection of furnishings and fixtures to create the ultimate man cave, adding a dash of class and panache to your Everyday Carry Game takes a few key well made accessories and statement pieces to demonstrate your keen grasp for finer living.

How You Can Add Panache to Your Everyday Carry - the Black Book of Cards

Printed by the United Sates Playing Card Co, The Black Book of Cards is a beautifully designed typographic deck of playing cards built on a unique notion that we all hold a card within the playing card deck assigned to us based on the day we were born. Very similar to our zodiac sign, this suggests personal characteristics and traits for those who hold that card.

The Black Book of Cards – Playing Cards

The United States Playing Card Company has been producing premium playing cards for over 125 years, helming a series of reputable names such as BEE®, BICYCLE®, KEM®, AVIATOR® and HOYLE®. They’re makers of the kind of cards you’d find at the Casino Royale but made available for you, the consumer. Channel your inner Bond with a gorgeous set of typographic decks suggesting personal characteristics with each card.

Each and everyone of the 54 cards within the deck has its own custom artwork. While you’re not likely to pay attention to the specific text as spelled out by distinct typography, the cards provide a lush feel elevating a simple night in with cards to a quasi exotic evening with Texas Hold’Em or my favourite, Strip Poker. I’m not joking, the reverse side of the card bears a sophisticated backing of silk moiré book cloth making it a truly luxurious Black Book of Cards.

The Casino Quality Bee card stock used in deck is matched with the lavish soft touch tuck box bound with a leather-like texture, selling the deck as a beautiful piece of home decor accenting that beautiful coffee table at home. Limited Edition. Includes 52 Card Deck, 2 Cards for Determining Your Astrological Card. [Buy Black Book]

How You Can Add Panache to Your Everyday Carry - Noizy Kameleon Bluetooth Earbuds

Developed by New York City native, who has built his career in Branding & Design, Jerry Chu birthed NOIZY Brands as the solution to tangled wired headphones for the active individual. “I have designed our product for all categories, social groups and for individuals on-the-go”, says Chu.

Noizy Kameleon Series Bluetooth Earbud

I consider these the anti-BEATS, understated yet classy, capable of delivering high quality audio performance without the overblown, overhyped price tag. Introducing the NOIZY Brands series of Kameleon wireless earbuds, your new best companion packed with cutting edge Bluetooth 4.0 technology and connection of up to 2 devices (because who only carries one gadget nowadays am I right?). Featured packed and yet well designed, you can exercise in style without comprising your fitness goals thanks to the lightweight (10 grams), well fitted aesthetic which sit comfortably in your ears without irritation or danger of being dislodged during a spirited run through Central Park. A 2 hour charge gives you 4.5 hours of listening time and standby time of 80 hours in the bag. With range of up to 10 meters, it also happens to be the perfect in-room device when the mate is trying catch some Zzzs but you still want to rock on. [Buy Black Noizy Bluetooth Buds]

How You Can Add Panache to Your Everyday Carry - Set of 6 Original Whiskey Bullets 3

Each drink is unique and you only get one shot, make it count.

Original Whiskey Bullets – Set of 6

More effective than those cool looking but totally non-functional Whiskey Rocks, this Set of 6 Original Whiskey Bullets work because of the cooling liquid encased within solid cast stainless steel, giving a taste of life on the edge to your whiskey, scotch, vodka or whatever beverage you deem requiring a much needed shot in the arm on the spectrum of cool. The premise is the same as those darned rocks, Whiskey Bullets chill without diluting the flavour. More importantly, stainless steal construction forces the rounds to stay at the bottom of the glass. 3-4 Bullets Per Drink; Suggested 1 Whiskey Bullet Per Ounce. [Buy Whiskey Bullets]

How You Can Add Panache to Your Everyday Carry - Round Meteorite CufflinksRound Meteorite Cufflinks

Building a name for himself by turning thousands of Swiss and Russian mechanical movements into well finished, polished cufflinks on Kickstarter, Artist Peter Lever has now turned his creative foresight to genuine meteorite shavings. Setting meteorite fragments in resin and then held in silver or gunmetal-tone steel, the handcrafted cufflinks are designed in traditional round shapes or rounded edge trapezoids. [Buy Meteorite Cufflinks]

How You Can Add Panache to Your Everyday Carry - Calvin Coolidge Fountain Pen 3

A classic fountain pen, the glistening brass of the Calvin Coolidge is modern, even as it recalls the heritage of the pen artisan’s craft. Fine details create a pleasing aesthetic not often seen today. Brilliantly constructed by our contemporary artisans using old world techniques and classic materials, it’s a powerful reminder of past, present, and future.

Calvin Coolidge Fountain Pen

Made in Vermont, USA, this classic fountain pen goes beyond your usual Montblanc resin pens. In fact, the Vermont Pen Company has been a small, independent pen workshop still headquartered in the small village of Enosburg Falls, founded upon a set of brand values and an intense devotion to detail from the highest quality precious metals and finishes. Named for Calvin Coolidge, the 30th President of the United States and a famous Vermonter, this bright brass Calvin Coolidge Fountain Pen comes equipped with a custom #5, 18k two tone solid gold nib with fine tip and a piston filling system. An engraved Vermont Maple Leaf on the clip proudly proclaims the pen’s provenance, as does the solid slate gift box it comes packaged in. [Buy Calvin Coolidge Fountain Pen]

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