How to Dress Stylishly

Posted on January 26, 2015


Most men don’t realise it but dressing stylishly is about fit. Looking ultra fly however, revolves around adding and matching colour and texture. The purview of this article is to provide a foundation on How to Dress Stylishly:

how to dress stylishly men - jared lang 1Start with a well-fitted shirt

I usually get my shirts tailored but if you’re not looking to spend too much money, the best ready to wear shirts like those from Jared Lang can rival mediocre made-to-measure offerings.

A graduate of LaSalle College Montreal, Jared Lang’s polo and long sleeved shirts fill a niche for print or plain shirts with subtle design accents, suitable for a distinguished white collar profession or for a night out on the town. Using a combination of vibrant colour, patterned accents and combined with a semi-tailored fit, Jared Lang’s upscale button downs are a head and shoulder better than Zara’s fitted “self-untucking” shirts (Inditex makes their shirts too short to save money on fabric). [Buy Jared Lang collection]

how to dress stylishly men - preppy style cardiganGo preppy: Layer with fitted cardigan

The great thing about preppy style is that whether with a base shirt or crew-neck tee, you’d look smashing. With these preppy threads, combining the themes of nautical prep and a vintage aesthetic, this fine merino knit cardigan from Bespoke injects a layer of elegance to an otherwise casual ensemble.

Suitsupply plain blue, textured Hudson

Suitsupply plain blue, textured Hudson

Distinguished style: Blazer up

A good majority of men have succumbed to tasteless American concept of “business casual”; while some have started to blazer up, those who do, tend to err on the side of safety with boring navy-blue jackets. My suggestion? Take a leaf from the Italians and find daring sartorial excellence in Suitsupply’s blue Hudson jacket. Cut to contemporary fit that’s perfect for any seasonal occasion, the combination of patch pockets and Ormezzano wool, saves this blazer from being too stuffy. For extra added prep, layer your cardigan beneath as demonstrated in the image. [Buy Suitsupply Hudson blazer]

how to dress stylishly men - georges rech double breasted raincoatQuiet machismo with a fitted outercoat

Though Georges Rech focuses more on womenswear now, he made a name for himself in the 60s by being one of the pioneers of ready to wear luxury in a time when Post-World War II tailoring was still growing (albeit slower) – avoiding the hippie aesthetic, he revolutionised the industry with military cuts and unisex though masculine-oriented style. It’s not as pricey or luxurious as a Burberry trench but do keep in mind that the gabardine outfit was developed as an army garment, not some high priced textile symbol of snob appeal. Keep a look out at H&M or Topman autumn winter collections and secure yourself an overcoat of this nature. Do take note, you must make consideration if this overcoat is worn over your blazer or sans blazer. Adjust to fit according to how you dress.

how to dress stylishly men - !item slim fit denimEmbrace slim fit denim

Designed and made in the USA, !iTEM denim waxed jeans occupy a niche in a stylish man’s sartorial arsenal. It avoids the casual nature of ripped or faded denim while its waxed texture imbues the trousers with both utilitarian function and high fashion, balancing cutting-edge style and everyday versatility. More importantly, it’s slim fit unlike unflattering mom jeans from your father’s generation.

!iTEM’s #322 Arc Slim Jean is built in a narrower cut with darts, structural reinforcement and torque seams. A masterpiece of modern design. [Buy !iTEM denim]

Simple yet striking, this scarf was hand-woven by the Dorze tribe near Arba Minch in southern Ethiopia. The Dorze were once feared warriors but are now known for being the finest weavers in Ethiopia. This soft scarf is tightly woven from a mix of cotton and acrylic fibers.

Simple yet striking, this scarf was hand-woven by the Dorze tribe near Arba Minch in southern Ethiopia. The Dorze were once feared warriors but are now known for being the finest weavers in Ethiopia. This soft scarf is tightly woven from a mix of cotton and acrylic fibers.

Add a point of distinction with a high contrast scarf

A necktie is less versatile than a scarf and you’re more likely to wear one in the late evening even in non-winter climes as rising wind chill sends temperatures down. Enter Taarik.

An innovative brand reputed for fashionable designs using traditional heritage crafts from artisans from India and Ethiopia, the brand manages to create some deeply ethnic yet ultra-modern scarves. By working one-on-one with artisan communities, age old techniques such as weaving, hand-dyeing, and block printing, skills that are rapidly being replaced by automated machines

Ultimately, Taarik works with fair trade partners, striving to promote sustainable development with their high quality merchandise. Additional profits are re-invested into the local community in support of education for under privileged girls. [Buy Taarik artisan scarf]

how to dress stylishly men - handmade broguesAnchor your ensemble with Handmade Brogues

Clothes may maketh the man, but well made shoes allow him to put his best foot forward. Shoes from made using the finest shoe construction method- traditional Goodyear Welted construction. It’s particularly well crafted but not unaffordably expensive even if each pair takes 8 stages of production and undergoes over 200 individual operations during the 30 day manufacturing process. Currently only available in Hong Kong or Macau but RTW editions can be found online if you’re lucky. [Buy Handmade Brogues]

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