About The Monsieur

Who is The Monsieur

Used as an honorific title in ye olde days, it was used to address the King’s eldest brother in the royal court. Today, it’s a title of respect, the French equivalent of the Queen’s “Sir” or “Mister”.

Here on this blog, it’s about the men and their styles we admire. The Monsieur looks to all things classically elegant: He’s courteous, thoughtful and appreciates works of beauty. He’s the perfect gentleman. He’s The Monsieur.

What this blog is about

It’s about timeless style. I don’t believe in trends, I believe in well cut suits, fabrics and weaves- brand names don’t matter. Catch my attention and if it’s something I personally believe in (or am tempted to buy) it’ll get a mention; If it’s particularly inspiring perhaps more than a few paragraphs. If it’s well designed, well refined, blessed with an abundance of fine details, I want it. Send press releases, images and information to Jonathan@themonsieur.com

About Jonathan

Jonathan used to be Editor of August Man, a Singapore Men’s luxury lifestyle publication. His personal passions include fine timepieces, keeping his sartorial arsenal well updated and the occasional indulgence in fine wine and fine dining.

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